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Published by Rabobank Australia, 28.5.2021 Following in the footsteps of five generations before them, NSW merino wool producers Michael and Jane Corkhill

2020 Annual Ram Sale

Grassy Creek Merinos - 152/152 av $2971 Article - The Land, Stephen Burns, 12 Oct 2020 ane Corkhill, Jane Campbell and

Grassy Creek Merinos top at $6000 three times, av $2383

The Land, 14 Oct 2019, by Hannah Powe A quality offering from Grassy Creek Merinos at their 8th annual on-property ram sale

Grassy Creek wins Merino production

(The Land article, May 2018 )   Grassy Creek Merinos have stolen the top spot in the Merino production classes at the Sydney

Grassy Creek Merinos’ $8000 sale top 2017

(The Land article - Oct 2017) NEW heights were reached by Grassy Creek Merino stud during their 6th annual on-property sale at “Tarengo”,

At Grassy Creek Merino stud fleece weight is one key to profitability

PRODUCING traditional fine wool sheep was never going to cut it for Michael Corkhill. Instead he wanted to produce “bulky” fine wool sheep focusing on fleece weight and performance to ensure profitability. Michael and his wife, Jane, and their sons Toby, 6, and Hugh, 4, operate Grassy Creek Merino stud at Reids Flat, near Boorowa in NSW, with assistance from Jane’s parents Roger and Lis Webster.

Passion pays off at Grassy Creek

MERINO enthusiasts flocked to the Corkhill families annual Merino and Poll Merino ram sale on Monday, chasing the passion and enthusiasm that stud principal Michael Corkhill puts into his breeding program and the rams he offered. This demand saw 94 of 96 rams sell to a top of $4500 and average $1981, with all 43 Poll rams topping at $4000, averaging $2268, while 51 of 53 Merino rams topped the sale at $4500, averaging $1716.